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I’ve fallen down and I don’t give enough of a shit to get back up at the moment thank you very much

Goddamnit it’s one of those days. One of the days that hits you square in the forehead because it’s so shocking. You thought you were doing so well and that depression crap was in your past. Then WHAM you come to at 2pm realizing you could not get out of bed all day because of exhaustion and complete lack if give-a-shit.

Awesome. And yesterday I told my psychiatrist the seroquel was helping me (in a bout of hypomanic overconfidence) even though I know it’s not helping enough.

I couldn’t pull myself out of it until I found these inspiring quotes/pictures.



Oh! And then I remembered how awesome Katie perry is!


Now I’m moving on to taking care of ME, which at the moment, means washing my face, starting laundry, and having some vanilla honey chamomile tea. 🙂