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A St. Patty’s Day Intervention

ImageWhat a lucky day for an intervention. We had a lot of people over on Saturday night. To give you an idea, 27 people (not including me and my housemates) crashed at our house afterwards.My housemate Kara and I had been fighting about where to put the speakers. I had spent a lot of time that day making the basement festive with black lights and themed decorations, but Kara thought the speakers should be upstairs where everyone was (naturally). So when I think it’s time for a dance party I move the speakers downstairs and she get’s mad and makes a sarcastic comment about how she wished the speakers were still upstairs since “there’s so many people in the basement.” I, of course, counteract that by telling her her music sucks and that’s why I moved the speakers. Immediately after this, I know I shouldn’t have done it and that I didn’t even really mean it.

So then I go outside to cool down and sit on the porch drinking a Rolling Rock (green cans….duh). I start to realize that I am trying to force the party to go the way I imagined it to be, instead of just letting people figure it out. I had been hypo manic all day in my party preparation, and the controlling side of it was coming out. I didn’t know what to do at this point, so I keep drinking. (Oh…by the way…not doing so great avoiding said “crutch“)

Kara finally finds me and we have a heart-to-heart and I apologize for trying to control the party and tell her that her music doesn’t really suck, I was just being bitchy. During the conversation, it comes out that she and my other 3 housemates have been meaning to have a meeting about what has been going on with me. I used to tell them everything, but I started to get the sense it was too much and I was freaking them out, so I stopped. Apparently they actually really do want to know what’s going on (which is awesome!). Anyways, I’ll leave out the specifics of the conversation, but the result is that Kara and Jenn (my other housemate)  are coming with me to my counseling appointment tonight. And all of us are going to have a long conversation tomorrow night about everything. Hopefully this will help them understand and help me in a positive way! I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.