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It’s My Birthday and I Can Quit My Meds If I Want To!


Yes, it really is my Birthday!!!! I am officially 23 years old! And I did quit the Seroquel. I have been very “noncompliant” the last week by taking only 50 or 25mg of the recommended 75. Truthfully, the only reason I still took it last week was because I was afraid of withdrawal. Now I am off the meds officially! We shall see how long this lasts since when I see my counselor on Friday she will probably encourage me to call my psychiatrist asap. I have been such a good patient up until now. I just don’t think that the drowsiness goes with ME. I am already a terribly slow morning person. I know that Seroquel is supposed to be the “good guy” too, but I think I need to try something else. Maybe something with more potential side effects but that will effect my life less as I get used to it. We will see!