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9 Minutes in Snooze Heaven and Crazy Dreams


Hello my name is Lauren and I’m a snooze-aholic. I have a t-shirt that has the above picture on it. It was given to me by my ex-boyfriend who observed my addiction for a year and a half. I have had trouble getting out of bed since I was in high school and maybe before that.

On my bad days with depression I have extremely vivid dreams. Dreams that take over my entire consciousness. When I wake up while I’m dreaming I immediately go back to sleep to finish the dream and have no further thoughts. It’s like I’m hypnotized. This is especially damaging on mornings when I am depressed. Motivation is completely absent from my brain and the only thing worth doing is dreaming some more. It is like someone injected the motivational part of my brain with Novocaine; there is absolutely no feeling at all. So this is what happens: I snooze….for hours. This morning my first alarm went off at 7:45. I stopped snoozing at 11:30. If this seems like torture to you, you have not experienced the 9 minute dream. I had several (maybe 4-5) dreams this morning between hitting my snooze button. The only one I remember involved being some type of rodent on a balloon with other rodents (who were actually people) traveling around with the goal of reaching Jupiter. Yeah. I don’t need drugs because this is my brain.

Still does not sound that interesting? The 9 minute sleep is the most delicious sleep I have ever experienced. You stay in that just-asleep awesome relaxed state for hours.

This post is not supposed to only tell you about how awesome this is. It is a great technique for training yourself to remember your dreams (if you write down words between snoozes), but it is very unfortunate when combined with can’t-get-out-of-bed depression. It makes it almost impossible. It is hard to explain why I can’t get out of bed when I am awake (or near awake) every 9 minutes for hours. This is where the distinction between oversleeping due to an accident and depression comes into play. Someone who is depressed cannot get out of bed even if they are awake. This concept is impossible for anyone who has not experienced it themselves.

I have heard that people who are Bipolar have extremely vivid dreams compared to the normal person. Is this true? Has anyone else experienced crazy dreams like this?

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  1. bpshielsy

     /  May 18, 2012

    I’ve had very vivid dreams in the past. I don’t have them all the time, but I’d put it down to the creative side of bipolar.

    • Is there a trend in when you have vivid dreams? Mine get very vivid right around the time I become depressed.

      • bpshielsy

         /  May 19, 2012

        I’d not thought of it before, but now that I do…I tend to get them when I’m coming out of a depression. Usually I spike & go into a hyper phase for a short while & thinking back it is around this time I get the vivid dreams. I suppose it is when my brain becomes more active my subconscious goes off the scale a little too. Hope that helps.

  2. Yes! I have such vivid dreams that when I wake up I’m sometimes unsure if I’m awake or not. Though I’ve never written the dreams down so I don’t remember them…gotta do that.

  3. sexyflexi

     /  May 18, 2012

    Man. I can barely respond how much I relate;, ducking bipolar relationship problems

  4. From everyone I have spoken to they are usually in awe about how vivid my dreams are and how much I can remember. I too have trouble getting out of bed and infact, much to my boyfriends demise I have to set my alarm at least one hour before I have to get up. When I’m depressed or in an angry phase my dreams become very apocalyptic, from Zombie attacks to disease outbreaks. Between snoozes, my dreams often string along when they are intense, they just continue often right where they left off. Sometimes they become so intense I have to force myself awake. Maybe it’s my subconscious trying to help me get out of bed. It doesn’t always work :/

  5. As someone who experiences extremely vivid dreams quite often, I find this post very relatable. My vivid dreams often take place in similar places. Like this house and some public bathroom that I’ve never been inside in my life. Yet there in my dreams it’s as clear as day, that I can describe it to my therapist in great detail whenever I talk about those dreams. Dreams never cease to amaze me.

  6. I have very vivid and convoluted dreams – they are full of extensive details. Even my husband commented on it once. He gets the variety adventure story, I get 1st/3rd person switches, environment blends, and mixed metaphors. I remember many of my dreams, but they are so convoluted that I often can’t explain them. I should probably write them down, but when I have tried that in the past the dream evaporates as I write taking all those precious details with it. I’ve never noticed if my dreams are more vivid when depressed or not. It’s something to consider.


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