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The Difference Between Normal Emotions and Mood Swings


Hey everyone!!

I have been gone for SOOOOO long! Apologies! If anyone is still following, this is an update on how I’ve been doing!

I am not on 200mg of Lamictal daily and Ive been taking 100mg twice a day at 10am and 10pm. The twice a day medication thing is challenging. Sometimes I forget in the morning until 12…then I can’t take it again until midnight. Also, I’ve been noticing when I forget a dose I start feeling really fuzzy and weird like I’m going to pass out. I’m really scared of having a seizure (one of the most common side effects of lamictal withdrawal). So I’m trying to be better about being a slave to  my phone’s alarm.

So the Lamictal is helping! I finally feel that I can decipher between normal emotions and emotions coming at me for no reason. It feels great! One day I was sad about something. A normal amount of sad, not depressed, but I kept thinking “Damnit….the lamictal is STILL not working.” Then, I realized a normal reaction in the situation was sadness and that I wouldn’t want to feel numb to it.

So that’s a really quick update! Hope everyone is doing well! I hope to be back here more often now!

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  1. I’m glad to hear! Congrats!

  2. Davies, G J

     /  July 13, 2012

    How’s the lamotrigine working out for you now? I’m considering going on it, in conjunction with valproate which I take already. You have to build up quite slowly, don’t you?

    • It works really well for me! You do have to go up slowly to avoid the infamous “rash,” but otherwise there were not really any more symptoms for me to deal with.

      The only thing that scares me is that if I somehow lose my medication when I can’t get more I can possibly have a seizure. :/

      • Davies, G J

         /  July 18, 2012

        That is scary. Seeing psychiatrist later to talk about this, I’ll find out about his take on that issue. Because I take valproate, apparently have to build EVEN MORE slowly. But perhaps as an anti seizure drug in its own right, valproate might offer some protection. Who knows. I’ll follow this up.


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