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Argh! So pissed at my brain!!!!!

So last night I went to bed at 11…fell asleep a 1 and then proceeded to wake up every hour on the hour until 7am. Went to work and had to leave at lunch to go home and sleep because I was so exhausted and non-functional. I went home got in my bed and laid there for an hour wrestling with my thoughts.

On top of it, did I mention I’m supposed to drive me and my housemates to the city two hours away from here to have a nice dinner and stay out late?

Awesome. I just wish someone understood!!!!!!!!! I’m so exhausted and upset with my brain that I want to cry. This is like self-inflicted torture.

I’m supposed to see my “special man friend” tonight and all I can think about is how I’m going to be no fun, pass out early, and have to painfully leave in the morning without having spent much time together. I miss him so much…I just wish we could have a good night together. :/

Now I will force myself to drink copious amounts of coffee.