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Argh! So pissed at my brain!!!!!

So last night I went to bed at 11…fell asleep a 1 and then proceeded to wake up every hour on the hour until 7am. Went to work and had to leave at lunch to go home and sleep because I was so exhausted and non-functional. I went home got in my bed and laid there for an hour wrestling with my thoughts.

On top of it, did I mention I’m supposed to drive me and my housemates to the city two hours away from here to have a nice dinner and stay out late?

Awesome. I just wish someone understood!!!!!!!!! I’m so exhausted and upset with my brain that I want to cry. This is like self-inflicted torture.

I’m supposed to see my “special man friend” tonight and all I can think about is how I’m going to be no fun, pass out early, and have to painfully leave in the morning without having spent much time together. I miss him so much…I just wish we could have a good night together. :/

Now I will force myself to drink copious amounts of coffee.

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  1. I DO understand. Racing thoughts, “what-if’s”, unwinding from the day, everything cultivates at the exact moment that you are about to finally fall asleep. I have spend DAYS in this state and it drove me crazy and I was useless to my husband and children for almost a week because I was getting no sleep and forget about running errands – I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep the car on the road. I still struggle with it some days, but here is how I have manage to combat it, or at least tame it.
    1. NO, and I mean NO – computer for at least an hour before bed. The lcd light stimulates the brain too much.
    2. Limit TV, don’t turn it on at all in the bedroom, if you have one in there, the noise and constant flashing of commercials stimulate the brain too much.
    3. READ READ READ, find a low light, but still good enough for your eyes and read a Kindle/nook/book for half an hour before bed. Read IN bed.
    4. Also, if you enjoy tea – drink a cup of Chamomile tea EVERY night within an hour of going to sleep. It is a great herb and will NOT interact with any medications like St. John’s wort and others can.
    5. and finally…………..BREATHEEEEE!! Learn and practice some breathing exercises and use them while you are laying flat in bed, telling yourself, “I am relaaaaxed” as you exhale.

    Good luck and I hope that i have helped give you some ideas. Take care tonight, careful driving and try to have fun, there are many things that you can do that will still feel like fun, but mellow enough to not exhaust you further.

    Great minds in common,


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