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It’s My Birthday and I Can Quit My Meds If I Want To!


Yes, it really is my Birthday!!!! I am officially 23 years old! And I did quit the Seroquel. I have been very “noncompliant” the last week by taking only 50 or 25mg of the recommended 75. Truthfully, the only reason I still took it last week was because I was afraid of withdrawal. Now I am off the meds officially! We shall see how long this lasts since when I see my counselor on Friday she will probably encourage me to call my psychiatrist asap. I have been such a good patient up until now. I just don’t think that the drowsiness goes with ME. I am already a terribly slow morning person. I know that Seroquel is supposed to be the “good guy” too, but I think I need to try something else. Maybe something with more potential side effects but that will effect my life less as I get used to it. We will see!

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  1. clownonfire

     /  April 17, 2012

    Happy birthday, really.
    Seroquel was the first drug given to my wife when she was diagnosed with bipolar II. She hated it. And stopped it. Lamictal is a better fit for her.
    Have fun, enjoy your day.
    Le Clown

  2. OMG.This actually shilled my spine! I’m scared for you. Tell your doctor about your decision and maybe he really will start you on Lamictal. Beware of Lamictal though cause it has a high incidence of life-threatening hyper-sensitivity, but if you don’t get that when you start, then you found yourself a new friend 🙂
    Happy Birthday you Aries! Flamy and defiant as ever 😛
    Nah I don’t believe in signs but they’re fun to think about ^_^

    • Oh I’m a TOTAL Aries!!! haha

      Probably just a coincidence but whatever. 🙂

      I’m going to. And don’t worry…I am super self aware and my behavior/thoughts right now are really mellow. I’m enjoying it.

  3. bpshielsy

     /  April 18, 2012

    Happy belated birthday & good luck

  4. Happy (really) Belated Birthday!

  1. BP Drugs Take 3: LAMICTAL « Bipolar Rubble

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