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New Meds

Ive been doing the exercise/vegan thing since I last posted but its not enough…or at least its not working fast enough. I know the eventual outcome will have to be something to at least bring me back close to normal, then hopefully I can achieve stability. So last week my psychiatrist prescribed me Seroquel 25mg for the mood stabilizing effects. He said he’d like to get me up to 200mg eventually.

Has anyone taken this med or have any advice? Im very concerned about the weight gain mostly.

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  1. Dan

     /  March 17, 2012

    I take 200mg slow release, but I don’t think there doing much for me at the moment, and the only side effects I seemed to have was at the start they would knock me out after about 30mins after taking them. But that has worn off now.

    • I’m still on 25 mg…about to go up to 50 on Wednesday. I’m super drowsy but besides that it’s not hurting or helping. I’m supposed to get up to 200mg eventually. Thank you for responding! It’s so helpful to know at least one other person on it. 🙂

  2. The drowsy effect wears off over time. I started on 25 and am now at 200 instant release at night. I also have 25 for ‘as required’ if I feel hypomania kicking in. I unfortunately experienced the weight gain but I’m now on diabetic drugs to counteract it. Some studies conducted here in Australia suggest it. However I do know people who haven’t gained any weight. I just seem to get all possible side effects no matter what med I take! I remember starting on Seroquel, I thought my life would consist of sleep and work.. It does get better!


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